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Quality Bay Fuel Heating Services

Bay Fuel Home Services offers high quality heating system repair, preventative maintenance and new equipment installations. If your boiler needs basic maintenance or a complete overhaul, Bay Fuel's service technicians are ready to provide you with quality service.  Give us a call at 631-475-1459 to speak to a representative. 

Emergency Repairs


An experienced Bay Fuel service technician is only a phone call away when our customers need emergency service. Routine maintenance is scheduled during normal business hours, but when emergency service is necessary, our technicians will respond to our valued customers.


If you are a current Bay Fuel customer in need of emergency after hour service please call 631-475-1459

Comprehensive Service Plans


Bay Fuel offers comprehensive service plans to meet the needs of our customers.

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, so don't trust it to just anyone. Our service plan options cover all types of home heating equipment and can help you avoid any unexpected costly expenses. More importantly, you can know that your home is protected because any repairs performed are done by professionals and in a timely manner. 


Our full service plans include an annual tune-up & cleaning, parts replacement and all of the associated labor. In addition we include our industry leading emergency 24/7 service during heating season for just pennies per day.


This plan is bundled free of charge when you sign on to be an automatic fuel oil delivery customer. Call our customer service team at 631-475-1459 to find out more details. 


Tune up, cleaning & evaluations


If a yearly service plan is not right for you, then a thorough tune up & cleaning of your existing heating system is essential.


Call to schedule a certified Bay Fuel service engineer to perform a throrough cleaning of your heating equipment, system tune-up and comprehensive system evaluation. You will not only receive the benefits of a clean, safe and efficiently running heating system, but also peace of mind and lower fuel costs.

Heating System Installations


A new furnace for your home can be one of the more substantial costs involved in home ownership. But, it should also be seen as a long-term investment. Todays modern furnaces and heating systems are much more energy-efficient than those installed 20 years ago. So, while it may certainly seem like a large expense, a new, more energy-efficient home heating system will save you money in the longer-term by lowering your annual energy costs. By installing a new home heating system you will ncrease your home's value, enjoy fast installation and professional Bay Fuel Oil training on your new heating system, and our premier 24/7 customer service. 


Fuel oil tank replacements


If your oil tank is between 20-30 years old, now might be the time to consider replacing it with a modern, indoor, environmentally-friendly storage tank. Bay Fuel is the name you can count on to safely remove your old tank and install a new one. 

With decades of experience, Bay Fuel is the trusted leader in Suffolk County for reliable oil tank removals and installations.

Hot water heater installations


If your water heater is more then 10 years old it may be time to consider the installation of a new, energy efficient hot water heater. Bay Fuel's knowledgeable sales team will help you choose the perfect hot water system that will fit perfectly into your budget and needs. In addition, our expert installation team will promptly and neatly deliver and install your new energy efficient hot water heater into your home. In no time, you will be enjoying hot water while saving money on energy costs.


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