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Oil is our business! We have been faithfully servicing Long Island for generations. Best of all, we are a full service and premier heating oil provider. Why is that good news for you? No matter the weather, the time, and even in the worst winter storms, we will do our best to deliver oil to you. Heating oil deliveries are automatic and we have never run out of oil. To give you further peace of mind, Bay Fuel Oil meters are certified by the Department of Weights and Measures. We are are Long Island's leading fuel oil companies. Why choose anyone else?


Please contact our premier customer service and support department at 631-475-1459


Home Heating Oil Delivery



  • Automatic Delivery

  • Heating System Service Agreement

  • Lock-In Fuel Oil Rate 


Like you, we live on Long Island and we know how busy life gets. Monitoring the fuel gauge on your oil tank to ensure you have plenty of oil during the cold winter months should be the last thing you should have to do. Also, you shouldn't have to worry about your heating system breaking down in the middle of a freezing cold night.


With that in mind, Bay Fuel Oil developed the Premium Delivery Plan that can automaticaly calculate when you will need your next delivery. This service relies on an advanced computer system, which calculates the outdoor temperature and factors in your fuel usage.  Based on this information, we automatically dispatch a fuel oil truck to your home ensuring you will never run out of fuel oil.


To give you complete peace of mind, this unique agreement also includes a Comprehensive Service Coverage Plan for your heating system as well as a low LOCK-IN FUEL OIL rate for all of your oil deliveries.


Our premium delivery plan is a unique automatic full repair service / fuel oil delivery agreement. Automatic deliveries are made to your home and  your heating systems will be maintained as per the terms of our Bay Fuel Oil Service agreement. A heating system inspection will be required.



Premium Delivery Plan




  • Automatic C.O.D. Delivery

  • Standard Fuel Oil Rate

  • Automatic Delivery


The Bay Fuel Automatic COD delivery option is perfect for anyone who does not want a comprehensive service agreement on their heating equipment but will still benefit from Bay Fuel's advanced computer scheduling & automatic delivery systems.  We will make sure your home will never run out of oil. Our repair services are always available to you however, they will be billed at normal Bay Fuel oil rates.


How does this work?  The customer must agree to place a credit card or debit card on file with Bay Fuel Oil and sign an authorization form that will authorize Bay Fuel Oil to debit the card each time a delivery is made. A deposit can also be made into a customer "cash account" with Bay Fuel Oil. The will also be an additional $.10 per gallon for this Automatic C.O.D. delivery plan.



Automatic COD Delivery



  • 24/7 Service Available

  • Standard Fuel Oil Rate

  • No Delivery Fees

  • Same Day Delivery Available

  • Will Beat Lowest prices 


The Bay Fuel Oil standard delivery option is ideal for those who do not need automatic fuel oil delivery service, a service agreement on their heating systems or a lock in fuel oil rate, however, still want the quality Bay Fuel Oil service & great prices. 


If you had previously run out of oil you may need assistance getting your heating system started and running again. A Bay Fuel Oil driver can provide assistance if needed to "Prime & Start" your heating system. 

Basic COD Delivery 


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